Diary from hell

Diary from hellA fast moving drama of lust, fear, hatred, love and retribution Devilishly handsome Brad Tyler learns that his dying father is not his paternal parent. He is devastated and breaks his mother´s heart as he accuses her of being a whore, liar and a cheat.

He leaves his Chelsea home and enrols in Trinity College Dublin where he meets and falls in love with fellow student Lara Cunningham, a beautiful but eccentric young model. Brad is unaware of Lara´s troubled and mysterious history. After a brief courtship they marry, and set up home in an isolated cottage in southern Ireland.

Lara holds a strong and abnormal passion for a strange woman, but does this woman actually exist? Her eccentric behaviour causes Brad to seek the help of psychiatrists but to no avail. Her diary is frightening, her cries are heart rendering and the people who surround her soon learn to stay away as more and more weird occurrences unfold.

One winter´s night a blizzard of thick snow hampers Brad´s journey home from work. He´s shocked to find Lara writhing in agony in childbirth. At his wits end he manages to deliver his baby daughter but fails to save his wife who, with her last ounce of dying strength reaches towards her husband, but her whispers of undying love are not for him but for that which is standing, waiting, behind Brad.

The tragic and frightening events of that night send Roland completely over the edge. Days later, he is found huddled behind a wardrobe, trembling and chattering like an imbecile. On the blood stained bed his newborn daughter is suckling from the breast of her dead mother. Brad spends months in a mental asylum and then sent to a rest home run by nuns.

Here he meets petite, beautiful Sister Maria. who tries to bring the sad and handsome patient back from from the depths of hell. However, soon it will not be her god whom she will beg for mercy, but the cruel and perverted convent gardener Ted as he keeps her captive and spread-angled on his filthy makeshift bed.

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